Patricia Stevens

Map and Description
Copy of application and map: 
Description of effect of application: 
To record one public footpath through the grounds of 5 Lansdowne Terrace East
Ordnance Survey reference in respect of each end of right(s) of way: 
NZ 24419 68315NZ 24406 68295
Address of any property on which right(s) of way lies
5 Lansdowne Terrace East
Newcastle upon Tyne
City and Ward
Principal city nearest to right(s) of way: 
Newcastle upon Tyne
Parish or ward in which right(s) of way lies: 
East Gosforth ward
Applicant's name and address (including postcode)
Applicant’s name : 
Patricia Stevens
Address Line 2: 
97 Rothwell Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
Post Code: 
Dates, Reference and Terms of Direction
Date application recieved by Council: 
Friday, 23 November, 2012
Council Reference Number: 
Terms of direction set by the Secretary of State under paragraph 3(2) of Schedule 14 to the 1981 Act: 
Date application was determined by Authority: 
Thursday, 21 February, 2013
Descision, Appeal and Confirmation
Decision of surveying authority on determination of application: 
To make a Definitive Map Modification Order to add one footpath to the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way.
Details of outcome of any appeal against surveying authority’s refusal of application under paragraph 4 of Schedule 14 to the 19: 
Details of whether order was confirmed (with or without modifications) in accordance with Schedule 15 to the 1981 Act: 
Order made on 16th May 2013 and subsequently confirmed as an unopposed order on 5th September 2013 without modifcations.
Council officer’s contact details
0191 277 8955